Our seeds were planted 14 years ago by enthusiastic beekeepers and earth advocates driven by a strong desire to make individuals reconnect with nature and create a healthy and simple life. Today, we are the largest honey producer in the United Arab Emirates, operating more than 4,000 colonies of honeybees and producing over 20 tons of honey per season.
As the first honey and hive product producer utilizing sustainable practices in the UAE, we put sustainable apiculture at the heart of everything we do. From sensitizing future generations about the role of bees and their importance in our ecosystem to educating them about the UAE’s agricultural wealth and supporting ecotourism, we are one of the leading companies in the field of honey production that produces 100% natural, raw, and pure honey in the UAE.
Throughout our journey, we have decided to look for the purest and most natural honey there is, and we have succeeded in partnering with the most reputable beekeepers to ensure that the honey we proudly provide adheres to ISO, HACCP, and ESMA quality standards.