Samar Honey 1 Kg (Jar)

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Nectar Source : Samar Trees
Harvest Season : From May to June
Color : The color ranges from dark reddish amber to black
Smell : Strong aromatic smell
Taste : Rich butterscotch and caramel notes with a slight smoky aftertaste
Consistency : Dense with Medium-viscosity



393.75 AED (incl. VAT)


Hatta Samar Honey is extracted from the nectar of the Samar tree, which grows in remote areas and thus is less exposed to pollution. From the hive to the jar, Hatta Samar Honey undergoes a thorough quality control process to ensure that it is 100 percent pure and natural.

About Samar Tree

The Samar trees are among the most valuable local trees. They are known for their beautiful white flowers and their ability to withstand drought and high temperatures.

Health Benefits

Samar Honey is believed to:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Strengthen the heart muscle
  • Maintain blood pressure
Nutritional facts per100g
  • Crude Protein: 0.95g
  • Fat 0.00g
  • Energy: 320.52Kcal
  • Carbohydrate: 79.18g

100% Natural Samar Honey


Keep in room temperature

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Our products are 100% natural and of high quality.


Our Products are 100% pure, natural, and of high quality.